3 Fantastic Farm Slots to Satisfy Your Green Thumb

Farm Slots

Farm-themed games have become extremely popular over the years, and online casino games are no exception.  Jumping on the bandwagon are online casino game providers with their variety of farm slots.

Even in the comfort of your home, you can enjoy images of the countryside, farm animals, and other interesting characters and themes. If you want to satisfy both your love for farming and gambling, try doing it by spending all day playing these farm-themed online casino slots. Listed below are some of the must-try titles online.

Top 3 Best Farm Slots you can choose to play

  1. Money Farm Slotsmoney farm slots

Money Farm is an enjoyable and visually-rich video slot game from GameArt. Players can expect to see entertaining and high-definition animations, vibrant graphics, and appealing sound effects. Here, you’ll find a golden background, which is in line with the money theme. There are also symbols of farm animals depicted in a cartoonish rendering. These cute animals include a dog, pig, sheep, and cow.

The slot game only features five paylines, making this a suitable game option for low-stakes. A grinning white chicken is the Wild, which also serves as one of the game’s bonus symbols. When this chicken appears and completes a win, the player receives five free spins. Money Farm is a game with lots of exciting features. It’s a must-try, especially for its gamble option that allows you to multiply your winnings up to five times.


  1. Oink Country Love

This slot game is a fun and cute video slot that features five reels and 45 paylines. It comes for game developer giant, Microgaming, so you can expect to have an enjoyable experience with its high-quality graphics and atypical storyline.

The game revolves around a farmyard love story involving a dolled-up pig, hen, lamb, cow, and horse. You’ll find yourself giggling and playing endlessly, thanks to the game’s lead pig characters, wooing the animal beauties. The more you progress in the game, the more you’ll love the rewards and bonus features. You can win up to almost 80 free spins in one spin.


  1. Egg-O-Matic SlotsEggOMatic Slots

This online slot game comes from software developer giant NetEnt. The game offers a quirky and futuristic interpretation of the farm theme. Here, you will see different robot chickens working in an egg factory. It is delightful, especially for its top-notch animations and graphics.

More importantly, you can expect some incredibly innovative gameplay, which makes this game a must-try among the other excellent NetEnt slot games. Egg-O-Matic is exceptionally entertaining for its uniqueness. You will indeed have an immersive experience since it’s not every day you get to play with cute robot chickens.

Whatever your slot preferences are, you are in for a treat with these farm-inspired online slot games. Make these your new favorite slots, by trying them out for free today.

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